“Slow graffiti” has always struck me as a very evocative phrase; it conjures up a slow and elaborate scribble, an etching over time, a deliberate and languorous personal mark.  It has become my nom-de-interwebs over the years, so that is partly why I’ve named this blog as such, but also it seems appropriate because “slow graffiti” is, to me, a phrase absolutely evocative of leading a rich life that is full of handmade pleasures. Pretentious though it may sound, or, in fact, be, that is what I’ve come to aim for in my life. Innate laziness sometimes gets in the way, but I am slowly (as a lazy person is apt to do all things) conquering that beast.

Now for the non-philosophical details: I am a 26-year-old stay-at-home-mom of a 4-year-old. This is usually where “What do you do?” conversations die for me, ending almost invariably with some variation of, “I really respect what you do (but I have less than zero interest in it).” Just so’s ya know, I also have a double degree in English and Anthropology; I intended to get a Ph.D. in anthropology before this long break, but now school sounds like, well, whatever the worst thing ever would be. But I still like to talk about things other than parenting — in fact, I prefer to talk about things other than parenting.

This blog will be about all the projects and whatnot that take my fancy, as well as food, movies, music or whatever I feel needs to be proselytized at the moment. As for crafts I mostly knit, but on occasion crochet, sewing, and jewelry-making make appearances. In the past 5 years or so I’ve learned how to cook; I’m still learning, but most things I make tend to at least be edible now. I garden when the fancy takes me, which it usually does with a fervor in March and April. I also preform with the March Madness Marching Band as a Hoop Girl on most major holidays and whenever else we have gigs.

That’s about it, and hello!